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What is that single factor in your dating profile that triggers an interest in those rummaging eyes online? Do successful dating stories lying on the digital shelf have a small yet common stimulus? Yes, they have. Almost all of them. Dating headlines or profile names packs the initial punch much before your loaded profile gets a chance to bomb the mind. Without it, even the lookers won't have the ability to hold themselves on others' mental cusps. A good personal ad headline (or name) and an approving photograph make an irresistibly lethal combination. That is, next to your photo, it's a great marketing weapon in your dating armory.

Dating Headlines Vs. Profile Name : THE DIFFERENCE

There is a universe of opportunity in a 'name'.

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Dating headline represents who you are in a short one sentence paragraph. On some of the sites like Craigslist, readers ONLY see your headline and not your photo. Profile name, on the other hand, does not have the flexibility of a sentence and should carry out its purpose in 3 to 5 words. But, the difference is not well defined and they are mostly seen as synonyms of each other.

Please use the form below to get a profile name or dating headline that can put a dash of orange in your otherwise insipid digital face.

Choose from the serious, funny or catchy profile name option.

          Serious - "Your best bet online"
          Funny - "Part-time goofer", "From diapers to dating"
          Catchy - "That's me kidding myself", "Headlines! Moron, it's my head on the line"

So, unleash the GREAT YOU within the bounds of few words and turn the HOT BUTTONS on. BEST OF LUCK.

Happy dating!

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