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What constitutes a "successful" online profile? Several factors determine whether somebody takes the time to read through your information. There are some time-tested rules about the exact length it should have, words to avoid, things to include, headlines and so on. If you get it wrong, nobody will contact you, and your hard earned money will be wasted on membership fee, it's as simple as that. Get it right, and it will draw people in like a "magnet gone crazy".

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It can easily take several hours creating the perfect profile, so don't expect to knock it out in 5-10 minutes, unless you are indeed an extremely gifted copywriter! Finally, there are lots of "Profile Writing Service" - some extremely professional and exceptionally client-centric like us (actually we do more profiles in a month than what our nearest competitor do in year) - which can help you if you are having a tough time either writing one, or not getting the results. Give them a try.

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