Profile Sample
To shine is your right!

To safeguard our clients' privacy and to discourage copy-cats (yes, the problem is serious and rampant) we have decided to showcase only few small text snippets with which we creatively answered some of our client's cliche sentences in their previous profiles. We can provide more samples on request and, believe us, pleasure would be entirely ours.

Profile Sample 1

If you rustle up your profile all too quickly, it is far more likely that it is guilty of being too shallow, too provocative, too dull, or too generic. "....I love skydiving..."So, what outcome do you predict? You just thumbed a ride to dejection and despondency, for sure. Your online dating profile is the first impression that any potential match will have of you. So let your personality shine through it. One of the important ingredients it "Have you ever reached out and touched the clouds? Is there really any other greater thrill than skydiving? Indeed, thereís something that you gain in the sky that the plains donít offer you. And itís not just elevation."should have is a brief, glad mention of your hobbies. What hobbies are you revisiting this year? Are you trying to find your feet at salsa or are up again on this leg-fest after a hiatus? Are you taking up skating? Are you shaping up for that cherished marathon, you thought you will never participate in or complete? Has taking a hike through some exotic location caught your fancy recently? Do include these and anything new and interesting you are doing and considering pursuing this year. People desire life partners who are intriguing and interesting; people who are engaged in life with hobbies and interests. Each of those hobbies and interests add freshness and relevance to your dating profile.

Profile Sample 2

It really amazes us to find people not caring much about things they should put into their profiles. Most of them have some big black holes here and there sucking every shred of positivity and luck in. "I have kid at home........."A great number of profiles starts out with a brain-revolting cliche and ends up leaving a-lot-more-to-be-desired feeling. Use passionate words and put strong emotive verbs while writing about your hobbies, ambition, life's credo, job, foods, TV shows, movies, music, dreams, places you long to go (or have visited), "But above all else, itís the smile of my kid that quickens me into life and delights me enough to make my existence stay balanced between absolute exhilaration and what is divine." the person that influenced your life the most, your parents, friends and your general description of you. Sprinkle a bit humor here and there. If you love helping people out (which, I am sure, you do) then write about it using passionate words. Show them how much you love helping people, how this has helped you evolve into a better, composed being and how it (or say, their thanking smile) connects you with the divine and touch that hallowed core within!! OR connect your interest in SPORTS with the fitness you enjoy.

Profile Sample 3

A dating profile should be around 325-375 words long. But, if the gets below the 250-words, people see it as an indicator that the person is just toying with the idea of online "Average looks shouldn't stop you from saying "dating or doesn't have much to say about himself/herself. It also reflects a gross disinterest and brazen doubts the person have about the dating community as a whole including its efficacy in landing a mate (or date) of his/her dream. One must fortify his "About Partner" section with more vigorous sentences"I always believed an average looker to be uncanny on the dinner table and magical by the side"without going over board or sounding a hell lot demanding. He/she should, also, steer clear of words or sentences that have negative connotations to them. A rolled-out list of qualities that one wants in a partner also doesn't reflect well. A good profile always tacitly conveys the message without sounding biased.