Success Stories
Who said 'Trust' is the most difficult thing to attain?

"I had with me a profile I crafted with a layman’s perfection (and few dating books of "so-called" dating coaches) to give online dating a whirl. But, as expected of any such attempt, it didn’t go the way I expected. I needed a dating makeover to emphatically declare my online presence. It was Heusinte who put me back in the business with a thundering bang.”"

Mr. Edgar Ruck
Newcastle, Australia

"Did you foolishly throw a couple of grand away just to be snoring off on some elite lists, sharing the space with a toothless intro and a nagging guilt? I did. And I did it handsomely for almost two years and a half. But I cottoned on to the fact pretty soon that a good profile was all I had been lacking all this while. But without HEUSINTE, it couldn't have been more perfect. If there is any fool-proof short cut to dating success, this is it.” "

Mr. Richard Torres
Santa Fe, US

"Skylight above the bed in toddling times! A tree house while teening off! And a knight on a white horse for the rest of life! This was me just a year back. The last dream seemed to me more treacherous, after missing out on the first two. In desperation, I made myself run round a few cash-sucking circles only to know that the key to the magic lies with HEUSINTE. After that I never looked back. Thanks a million. You guys have done it once again."

Ms Fritzi Daecher
Heidelberg, Germany

"There is a notion online that you don’t have to be a looker to get quality dates. I unpleasantly found it to be the exact opposite. So, the odds were all stacked against me. I spend two years just watching my online ‘luck kettle’ boil. But it didn’t even warm up to me. Heusinte put the sparks were it was needed and lo, it boiled down to the 'T'.”"

Ms Ellen Myers
Derbyshire, UK

"Searching a groom offline for almost a quarter of a decade and that too in a conventional Indian way, my parents decided to go the web way. But they knew writing a profile and the ice-thawing 'introducing' letter aren’t something one should always amuse oneself with. Heusinte seemed to us just one of many probable bets which we grudgingly took. However, things started falling into places. My profile, made through them, brought me more proposals within a month than what I used to get in a year. They are what they claim.”"

Ms Ananya Sen
Cleveland, US