Email Counseling Plans
Email is the new mother of all solutions!

Caught Between Big Dating Dilemmas Or Relationship Worries? .........................The Solution Is Just An EMAIL away!!

There are angels living here on this planet and we call them emails. You would agree, if you have one of those pressing dating dilemmas and you can’t afford to make an appointment with a pay-per-session super-expensive counselor. Or say, your relationship develops a super-critical snag and you are hard-pressed for time.

Getting a SOUND, LIFE-ENHANCING AND WORKABLE ADVICE with a few clicks can up the comfort level by a few notches and is quite ‘empowering’.

  1. How about having untold love for yourself?
  2. Do you want to bask in the sunshine of dating success?
  3. Do you want to make every relationship work like charm?
  4. Do you know, how manifold your marital happiness would increase if you start understanding your partner better?
  5. Is there any comfort greater than to be in a trusted company of an "ALWAYS-THERE", highly professional online counselor?

Survive the Wonderful, Wacky and Nerve-Wracking World of Love, Relationship and Dating

We are quite articulate behind the computer monitor, don’t we? We open up and express ourselves handsomely when technology is there to help you through the counseling process in a way we never dreamed possible. Whether you need a little help doing dating right or you are in the midst of a raging emotional cyclone, whatever your personal circumstances are, we will help you to pull through it, hand-holding you all the way. ASK US ANYTHING and let the MAGIC unfold where it is needed the most.

Email Counseling

Get 5 Super-Convincing Email Counseling

Get over anything that is holding you
from your optimal happiness for a truly small, insignificant price.

In short, we make sure you celebrate ‘Happiness’ and ‘Peace of Mind’.



  1. All Questions Answered By Very Reputed Relationship Coaches

    All the dating coaches at Heusinte™ are highly professional in their approach and have years of experience in the dating and relationship field.

  2. Almost All Your Questions Are Answered Within 48 Hours

    Ask questions 24/7; get answers in 24 hours. Time saved is "LIFE".

  3. We Zealously Guard Our Clients' Privacy

    All correspondences with you are kept in a 256-bit encrypted environment.

  4. Use Your Remaining Questions Anytime In Your Life (Applicable On Standard Package Only)

    Clients' have the 'say' here at Heusinte and their interests are always handsomely taken care of.

  5. Most Advanced Client Helpdesk

    If you want some tips or need some assistance on anything, then we are just a few click away. We are notoriously client-centric.