Helping-out has become a second nature to us!

General FAQs

Of all the companies and so-called “gurus”, why should we choose “Heusinte”?

Let us run you through some facts first. We are the world's leading dating service provider with offices in New York (Long Island City), Berkshire (UK) and Nagpur (Asia-pacific). We have served more clients than all the dating coaching companies and so called "dating gurus" put together. Thousands of satisfied clients all over the world can’t be wrong in judging us. We have a subscriber base that runs in thousands. Our support helpdesk is the one of the best in the world and our response time is the quickest.

For your clients, what ideological definition you subscribed to?

At Heusinte, dating coaching (and, of course, profile writing, profile maintenance and management and so on) is an art and an indefatigable passion. It isn't exactly a client we serve, but it is more like making them confident to answer befittingly to the train of events called 'life and love'.

What is your email response time?

Our non-client average response time is 33 hour 47 minutes. Our clients get a convincing response within 5 hours, even on weekends and holidays.

What is “life-time guarantee” thing, which you say we’d get with all your packages?

We provide real "life-time" support with all our packages. That is, our clients can always ask for a custom dating headline (and/or profile name) and request to add or reword a sentence or two to your profile, write-up or Introduction letter anytime in their entire life. Not for nothing they call us 'notoriously client-centric'. We are totally committed to their dating success.

Billing & Payments FAQs

How secure is the payment at Heusinte? How secure is my credit card details?

Exceedingly safe and highly secure. After you click the Paypal button situated on the right side of all important web pages, you would be directed to the most secure Paypal server for the payment.

I don’t have a Paypal account. Can I still pay you through Paypal?

Absolutely. You can also pay us through your Master, Visa or American Express (debit or credit) cards. If you feel more secure using Virtual Credit Card, go and use it.

Profile Package FAQs

How long will it take for the profile to get delivered?

On time. All the time. After a successful payment, you would be redirected to a page where all the information regarding the questionnaire (that you have to duly and diligently answer) is given. The dead-line you set in your questionnaire would be binding on us from the time you send (or submit) your questionnaire.

What if it gets late nonetheless?

That’s highly unlikely. But if it gets later than the time you set in your questionnaire, we would credit the penalty of $5 per day to your account or card. If we don’t turn it in 7 days of penalty, we would refund the full amount you paid to us and you get the profile absolutely free.

How my profile would be delivered?

The secure way. Your profile would be delivered in accordance with the option you opted for in your questionnaire.

What if I don’t like the profile you did for me?

With our expertise and experience, it’s next to impossible. In any case, be informed that we have a policy of unlimited revision till approval.

What if my profile won’t fetch results as it should?

There are many factors that make an online presence successful. Your profile is just one of them. You are advised to get in touch with our“Advanced Client Helpdesk” or feel free to redeem your complimentary profile makeover which is included free with your DREAM PROFILE PLUS™ package.

For how long my profile will be stored for a future retrieval?

Up to 5 years. That too, in a 256-bit encrypted environment online.

Do you set any word-limit for an ordered profile?

A resounding NO. Unlike so many profile writing firms which limits the word-count to 300 words or so, HEUSINTE LABS do not set any word-limit to your profile. If we feel you need those extra strings of words, we include them without much ado. The pleasure has always been ours.

I've a profile at one of the dating site. Can I get into 'Profile Makeover Plus' Package?

Yes, by all means. But there is one condition. Your profile must be of 200 words or more in length. You should go for 'Dream Profile Plus' package if your profile is shorter than the given limit.

What's the difference between "Dream Profile Plus" and "Profile Makeover Plus"?

Just One. Apart from the fact that we do the profile from scratch in "Dream Profile Plus", there is only one difference between the two. In "Profile Makeover Plus" you don't get any photo analysis and photo enhancing tips.

Dating Makeover Package FAQs

How long will you take to deliver the master 'first letter'?

A week, to be precise. You will receive your custom-made first letter exactly a week after your profile delivery.

How long will you take to deliver 'letter templates'?

Within a month. You will receive your custom-made letters within a month of buying 'Extreme Dating Makeover' Package.

What purpose does 'text snippets' serve in online dating?

Several. With flexibility built-in. Suppose you had a divorce just a few months back or have kids at home or both. In that case we work hard to get you covered in text handsomely before any letter exchange or date. Text snippets are meant to empower you from within and without. Sometimes, they serve as answers to the most embarrassing questions.

Email Counseling FAQs

Do you have any set limit within which I've to redeem my email counseling numbers?

Not at all. You are free to use your email counseling credit any time you like.